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I'm about to pick up that car in a couple of hours and am supposed to tune the stock ECU for larger injectors and turbo.

We'll be using ECUEdit, but I also have RomRaider and ECUFlash installed.

Any hints on that particular car, or something I should take more care than on usual? What is the limit of the fuel pump/block/etc.?

I've always been involved with built Imprezas, so never really cared about their stock potential :)

I guess that the YIKES spreadsheet to recalibrate the MAF scaling should also work on this?!

cheers guys,


Nothing too much to worry about, what injectors?

Could you list the mods?

The key to rescaling for different injectors is to start by making sure the MAF scaling is on point. Most people jump the gun and fit a modified intake/larger MAF housing and bigger injectors at the same time. This makes it impossible to accurately rescale the MAF and the injectors - you need one of the two to be stock as otherwise you don't know whether to correct any error by changing the injector scaling/latency or the MAF calibration.

Random tip, if you don't already know and can catch a few people out. If this model is running cam control, which I believe it should be, take note as after you carry out a flash the cam control will not work for a few minutes. This will give you a rich reading and a lack of power and torque through the mid range which can end up with you chasing a false issue.

After carrying out a flash to the ecu open your logger and monitor the cam control, do a bit of running on the dyno and maybe a few half pulls etc until it starts working again you can continue with your tuning.

mod's are:

Kinugawa TD06SL2

unkown downpipe and a Perrin Cat-Back Exhaust

ID1000 injectors

I tried to talk him out of that turbo, but at least I could get him some decent injectors ;)

Did some CL scaling today and found out that with just the injectors and latency changed, the tune is still on point without any need for adjustment. Thanks to Injector Dynamics I guess.

So it'll be OL, boost, cam and timing for tomorrow.

Thanks for the hints so far, keep them coming please :)

PS: I think I've found a bug within ECUEdit, the initial wastegate duty cycle table is filled with rubbish (max number 1.76, were the maximum you can type in is 4.0). In RomRaider the same table has some values in I'd expect, ranging from about 16 to 90 percent.

I've had a few different Impreza with jumbled initial WG duty,

Fuel pump I'd stick in a fresh 255 or larger. I've seen one of these running 450bhp all day long on a stock block.

If the table is filled with garbled numbers, it usually means there is a fault with the XML with the table not being correctly defined.

DON"T adjust any table that has weird numbers in it that dont make sense. If you do, you are actaully modifying other parts of the rom that you aren't aware of.

talking about the right size turbo on a stock EJ207 - wow, what a mismatch.

I did all the editing of the wastegate tables in RomRaider and the rest in ECUEdit.

Anyone noticed that ECUEdit is not able to log CL/OL status on those models? I had to use the RomRaider Logger.

When did you get boost? 4800?

Yeah, sort of ... reached 1.3 bar at 5200rpm with the stock boost control solenoid.

Can't figure out, why someone would recommend that turbo on a stock 2.0l EJ if he's not drag racing anyway.

The car will get converted to the stock turbo again and remapped after that. I think it shall be pretty OK running 1.4 bar of boost, probably wont hold it to the rev Limit, but this setup will for sure be more fun to drive.

I'd have recommended moving back to the stock turbo compared to that kind of power band as well. with 1.4bar of boost and those mods you should see 320-330bhp, it'll only manage to hold 1-1.1 bar at the end of the rev range but will be a lot more drivable on the road.

So, I ended up with 295WHP and 435NM to the wheels today. Took it out for a road test - wow, what a blast to drive.

Customer is very happy with the car now.

I don't think the stock turbo will last long, but he's aware of that ;)

Good job, what boost level is that at?

this was with 1.4bar peak boost and tapering it off to about 1.0bar at the rev limit

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