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Subaru No Lift Shift Knock

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Hey Guys anybody can help me solve this No Lift shift knock on SUbaru?

It always happens when i engage the no lift shift on my sti, as you can see in the log everytime the Injector CUT off with 0 IDC to keep the RPM at at my set RPM it generates a -2.8 degrees of knock and reduce my DAM but goes back to one very quickly. I've tried this using Pump gas race gas or even e85 all same results, i am not sure if they are just false knock but i was told from others to disable Knock sensor at those RPM to make it work without reducing timing. What do you guys think its real knock or false knock?

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Test the car in this situation using audio knock detection. That's the best way to find out if the knock is actually happening or there is something else generating the knock signal.

So if they were true knocks that would mean its getting knock from port fuel film since the IDC were at 0 duty cycle?

Are you still using the standard Subaru synchromesh gearbox? if so, then I have found that these systems kill the synchro's, and are no quicker shifting than using the clutch.

Also, why is the fuel being turned off for the shift, you want the fuel to stay the same so that the engine can recover quickly so you can make the most of the cut. You need to be using ignition cut or retard to remove the torque load from the gearbox to allow for the shift to occur, as this reacts much quicker than fuel will.

Yes stock gear box, fuel is turn off to keep the rpm where i want them for my next shift so I can maintain 25 to 27 PSI boost in between shifting. I know ignition cut is probably best way to do this, i just want to figure out if its possible to use fuel cut safely achieving the same results. Plus i heard ignition cut are hard on turbos so if i can get the fuel cut working right its alternative.

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