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Subaru Per Gear ignition timing compensation

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Does anybody ever use Subaru Per Gear ignition timing compensation table ?

What are your results what situation do you find this useful ?

Often gear-related compensations are used to improve the drivability by limiting the performance in the lower gears to avoid wheel spin, or make the throttle response better to allow the driver to use all the vehicle performance possible.

I see on Subaru AWD car traction really is least of our concern untill maybe over 450 whp or more.

I see a lot of people use this on the quarter mile track to gain advantage of having faster acceleration 1 2 3 shifts ,

but on pump gas i dont feel is safe to do it.

Since i am on e85 i have been playing a lot with this gear table it works real good when u are not knock limited.

There is no single way that a table like this must be used. Personally I often use a per gear or speed based trim for both fuel and ignition to increase the safety margin in the tune if the car is deemed to be being driven exceptionally hard. This may involve removing a couple of degrees timing and adding a few percent fuel in top gear.

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