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Subaru WRX 99-20 || Motec M130 PnP

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Hello everybody,

I am currently building a PnP using the M130.

The original ECU has a "Self Shutdown Control" output which practically controls the main relay giving power to the ECU and other components.

One way is to give this pin 12V from switch(it's active high) and move forward, but i was wondering if the M130 has a wake up function that might control this relay with one of the H-Bridge outputs. I saw there is a Backup voltage pin, but i read everywhere that it is not software enabled yet.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance.

I'm sure the self-shut down is designed to allow the ECU to keep the power on after the engine has stopped.

One way to wire this is with two relays that can supply power to the ECU. One is controlled by the ignition switch (turns the ECU on). The second is controlled by the ECU -- so it can remain on even if the ignition switch is off. This can allow fans or electric water pumps to run after shutdown.

Motec usually has pretty good documentation on the PNP kits? Did you look at this data sheet (BTW it indicates an M150 ECU vs. M130)?


Thank you very much for the response.

I did the PnP since it was not available for that specific make (four plug connector).

The weird part is that the original ECU controls this general relay (something like the EVO VIII circuitry).

I think i will follow the route of using a relay, triggered by ignition switched power that will give the 12V needed for the general relay.

That will solve my "issue" i think.

thanks for the response!