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Suggested knock sensor setup

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Hi all,

Currently rebuilding an engine in the garage and will be swapping out the stock knock sensor (think its 1 wire) to a Bosch doughnut 2 wire sensor, I am running a Link G4+ Xtreme ECU at the moment. Just wondering how best to wire in the new sensor to use on the Link eg:

1. Use the stock harness and ground to the block

2. Run shielded wires from the sensor directly into the Link

3. Spend out and get a Link Knockblock

The car will be boosted so will be using the inbuilt Link knock control so need to make sure I have a clean signal to avoid damage - think I might go with the shielded wires going to the Link ECU - if so what sort of gauge should I go for?


I would go for option 2 AND 3. Using 22awg shielded wires for option 2.

Only relying on the Link ECU knock detection could give you "false knock" reading if your engine is noisy. You would need to confirm with audio detection anyway.

Hope it helps,


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