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I am running an 8Stack style individual runner system on a Ford FE in a Cobra. Relatively high engine bay temperatures. Looking for any suggestions or comments on the best location for the air temp sensor.

There is not an air cleaner box, each stack has its own air filter. At one time, I had it installed vertically along side one of the stacks but don't really like the exposed thermister, had one break and I am assuming due to a water droplet but unsure

(yea, I know, those look more like Weber 48 IDA's - the injector is buried inside the unit. Sacrifice a little performance in trade for great looks)



Is there a scoop in the hood that feeds the inlets? if so, I would make a bracket so that the air temp sensor was in that scoop (maybe even mount it to the hood). If you're sensors are too fragile, just replace it with something more robust, like the Bosch -- it's a little slow responding, but mine live in an air inlet just fine.

I'd second the sensor David has linked. I've found exposed element sensors to be far less important on non-boosted applications, as the intake air temp typically doesn't vary anywhere near as fast.

Love the look of that engine! I've wanted to play with some down/side draft style efi throttle bodies for years, but haven't had the chance yet. Fingers crossed!