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Supercar redlining

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Hello again,

To annoy you this time i have come with a new topic. Well lets breifly discuss what i want and then decide if it's possible in the first place or not.

Some supercars have this thing when you redline them, the fuel combustion happens in the exhaust when you floor it and that gives an amazing sound like this lamborghini video before the noise pollution starts to come in : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=335Yv6su2hY

This second one is not a supercar its a muscle but i gotta say i like the noise : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UfsflbOhaws the black mustang with white stripes as you can see.

Can we do something in the tune to achieve that? No ofcourse car is not a fart can honda or any 4 cylinder car. But the 6-12 cylinder counterparts may be able to acheive this soothing monstrous sound when you can hear the fuel enter the exhaust and the sound of hell exploding can be heard from the exhaust note. Always wanted that!

A rev limiter that uses ignition cutting can achieve this effect. The engine is basically bypassing unburnt fuel and air directly into the exhaust. Personally I've never really bothered trying to tune my rev limit to achieve flames - As long as it stops the engine from over revving and turning into an expensive pile of scrap, I'm usually happy.

The effect of the rev limit does vary from one ECU to another - ie some seem to be better at creating flames on a rev limit. Some of this is likely to be do with how the ECU randomises the ignition cutting. You can also effect the way the limit functions by altering the limit range (or when the ECU will begin soft limiting). Also the rev limit effect will depend a little on your engine configuration. I recommend playing around with the limiter settings and note the change it causes.

Good day Andre.

And incase i do not want any flames just savage exhaust note of the jaguar f type as demonstrated here : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I9CYc3M0DVk

Do we follow the same principle or the game has totally changed at this point?

( 2 new wierd things i noted with the new site i.e the email reply from the forum will cut/crop out of iOS screens when viewed in the standard mail app and cannot be viewed in anyway at all and secondly my profile pic keeps on changing, i am unsure is this a new avatar sytem or an error)

Thanks for imparting some of your knowledge.

If you don't want flames, you could try a fuel cut instead of ignition. Again changing the control range of the limiter will affect the sound and aggressiveness of the limiting action. I would simply suggest experimenting and seeing what you prefer.

Thanks for your comments re the website, I've passed them on to Ben.

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