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i was just tuning a friends suzuki using winols and i feel like there are lots of tables missing in the definition file,

but anyway i wanted to ask i noticed that the throttle doesnt always open 100% at wot sometimes it drops to 89% from 99%, is this torque management related or throttle mapping ? i tried to raise the optimal torque table but the afr got rich and timing dropped so i think that might have been the ve table or virtual ve.

regarding the throttle mapping the value drops in the x-axis does making the x-axis one value makes it open more or longer? as the issue is that its slow and doesn't match the accelerator

i have attached a picture of the throttle mapping, there is two tables one is the desired throttle angle and the other one is the airflow mass flow.

im not sure what is the x-axis i believe its used to slow the tip in right? or atleast off idle acceleration? does making them a single value improve response?

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