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Switching from stock 04 STI ECU to a Speeduino

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Hey there. I am currently in the process of switching over from a Cobb AP to a standalone Speeduino ECU in my 2004 STI. I do realize that when entering the parameters of your specific application into tuner studios, will give a "safe" baseline map to begin with. My engine has a fully built bottom end and is capable of 650bhp to the crank. My question is, how safe is the base map going to be to be able to start the tuning process from start to finish. I know subarus are quite finicky when it comes to ignition timing and have been told that a safe baseline to start at when tuning from scratch is to retard the timing across the map to 0 degrees total timing and inch your way up. I will hopefully be able to rent some dyno time for safe steady state tuning. Just hoping that the base map that is provided by the firmware for my application is going to be safe enough to just throw my car on the dyno and get to work. Thanks for an answer in advance.

I haven't had the opportunity to see how safe the generated timing maps are. Regardless of the numbers generated though I'd suggest proceeding with caution and using knock detection in order to confirm that the timing is safe. If you follow the HPA 10 step process you don't really need a base timing map and will start building up your timing from low load and rpm and extrapolate this out into the higher load areas.