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Switching Microtech LT9C for link + monsoon

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Hi everyone!

I’m thinking of switching my Microtech LT9C for a link G4 + monsoon. This is mainly due to the difference in the tuning classes that I’ve taken so far. And I find it more difficult to tune the ignition tables on the Microtech. I asked before about future Microtech classes and it was a negative. My main question is. Will I’ll be ok with the monsoon ecu set up? I’m currently running a rx7 13b turbo S5, 4x 1000cc high impedance injectors, large ports, with Microtech Lt9c and X4, dyno at 446 HP.

looking forward for any feedback. Thanks!


Unlikely to make much difference to WOT tune but just about any of the other ecus that offer rotary support will likely give more flexibility with aux control, engine protection and simple things like voltage conpensation/good fuel models.

Despite the popularity of microtech on the rotary platform in particular, I'm not a huge fan. Yes, they run some of the fastest drag cars in the world and this is used as a marketing angle by microtech and their fans, however in many ways it's far harder to provide perfect cold start, idle speed control, consistent control of AFR across varying conditions, and smooth driveability than it is to run an engine at WOT and 10,000 rpm.

In short, provided the microtech is tuned correctly then you are unlikely to see a performance gain under WOT conditions - Assuming the fuel and ignition are the same, the power will unsurprisingly also be the same. Where you stand to gain however is from the additional functionality and tuneability of the Link such as idle speed control, cold start parameters, AFR and ignition control as well as logging. The staging on the Link G4+ is infinitely better than the microtech too so you can actually achieve perfect undetectable transition from primary to secondary injectors. In short, you'll love it :)

Thanks for the information! I’m sure I’ll make the switch, just was unsure on all the different link g4 +. It seems like the monsoon is lease expensive, and wanted to make sure I didn’t lose any particular function with the Microtech.

Thanks again!


What functions do you currently use on the Microtech?

The Monsoon is the first in the range that will offer closed loop boost control and has a 4 bar map sensor built in too, it does have it's limitations though when adding in safety system and multiple Aux functions

I currently use the two step function, fan on, and add fuel when the ac it’s on. That’s all I really use extra on the Microtech.

The Monsoon has more IO than the LT9C and also none of our inputs or outputs are locked to specific functions like the Microtech so it will easily cover what you are currently controling with still plenty of spares to add extra functionality or systems if you want to in the future. If you havent seen it, there is a comparison chart on our website that may make it easier to see the main differences between our various ecu models: https://www.linkecu.com/products/ecu-comparison-chart/

Any particular website to purchase the ecu from? I’m located in NC United States. Not sure if it makes a difference. Thanks.

There is a dealer list on Link's website here: https://www.linkecu.com/dealer-network/

Awesome! Thanks!

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