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Syvces ECU installation problem

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Hi everyone,

I recently installed a Syvces PnP kit for my GR Yaris. After I install it, the tachometer and speedometer are not working. All the warning lights are on. The indicator also doesn’t work. However, I still can get the car up and running. What could be wrong and how can I fix it.

Thanks in advance.


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I would ask your Syvecs dealer. That sounds like a CAN bus concern, which could be related to wiring or calibration. Sometimes stock functionality is lost when integrating a standalone in a newer vehicle so I would ask them if they're expecting this to work or not, and for assistance if it should be working.

Unfortunately here is no Syvces dealer in my country. I will try to contact Syvces to check my calibration first. If the calibration doesn't have any problem, there would be a hardware problem right? However, their response is pretty slow.....

Thanks Mike.

Generally speaking when you replace the ECU in a modern car it has to replicate certain communications over CAN to keep the dash functioning properly.

It's possible there's a quirk in the wiring from the Syvecs into the stock CAN wiring, or a calibration setup issue, but Syvecs will likely either help you fix it, or let you know their system doesn't offer that functionality at this time. Hopefully it's just a simple setting update.

Did you install the Syvecs adapter Box correctly?

This has direct interaction with some of the Dashboard CAN Bus to remove warning messages etc. If you are able to get the car running, but the dashboard is not working correctly, there is likely an issue with your installation of this module (such as its power and ground supply)

Hi Nathan, I checked everything all over again yesterday. The Syvces adaptor box is installed correctly. Then I tested the box to confirm it has 12v and ground. But the problem still exists. In this situation, is it a hardware problem?

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usual CAN suspects.

- CAN High & Low swapped (happens to all of us)

- CANbus not terminated (maybe the termination was in the old ECU you removed)

- Incorrect CAN speed selected in configuration.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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