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Table range variability

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Hey, I'm just starting to tune my car and I know that it was tuned before. So I pulled the map from the ECU and decided to compare it with a stock map for my car. One thing that I noticed and could not understand is that the stock tables range from 0.22 to 2.14 g/rev for primary Fuel table, and 0.22 - 2.14 g/rev for Base timing, when the map I got from the ECU is 0.65 - 1.17 g/rev for Fuel table, and 0.11 - 1.10 g/rev for Timing.

I know the range can be changed, but I don't understand why is it almost cut in half on those tables? I also looked at maps for the similar model/year cars and none of them have values as low as mine. Should that be fixed? And if I need to fix that, what would be the best approach?

Picture is attached to help clarify this, and the car is 2002 WRX.

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