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hi guys have multiple tunes ie e85 and pump gas tunes and wouldd like to setup multiple maps been thru the help watched my course videos cant find anything to say just click and voula done

help wanted cheers

What ECU are you using?

How are you wanting to switch between maps? Rotary switch or an ethanol sensor to let the ECU do it by itself?

Sorry link g4 extreme have setup a toggle switch on digital eight

How will the ethonal sensor funtion work ?

The ethanol sensor will detect the percentage of ethanol in the fuel and the ECU will automatically interpolate between the pump fuel and E85 map.

Have you had a look through the webinars?


This one covers the setting up of aux inputs which should cover what you need in a bit more detail

If you're tuning a G4 ECU as opposed to the latest G4+ then there isn't actually a proper 'flex fuel' function. The later G4+ has a 'Modelled Dual Fuel' mode which will allow seamless integration between pump gas and any level of EC after the appropriate amount of calibration work.

In the G4 you can still achieve great results using an ethanol content sensor to adjust fuel, ignition and boost as the EC fluctuates but it's a bit of a work around. Lith wrote an explanation of how he has achieved this recently in another thread. You can check it out here: https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/link-g4-plus-software-tutorial/show/flex-fuel-on-g4-non-plus

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