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Target vs. Actual AFR & Acceleration Enrichment, what’s normal?

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I made a quick third/fourth gear pull, just wanted to see if someone could take a quick look at my log, I had two quick questions regarding it...

First, the variance I am seeing between my actual AFR and target AFR is just over 7% at wide-open throttle, what is an acceptable variance? I did not necessarily want my car exactly at the target AFR, wanted to run the car a tad richer so I have some margin for error. What is the general rule of thumb here?

Second, how does the throttle tip in look after the gear change? I made some adjustments on the acceleration enrichment screen, not entirely sure what normal would look like here.

My car's a built motor, single turbo Infiniti G35 (VQ35DE), running a ProEFI ECU, and ethanol for fuel (E54)

Thanks all!

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One more log, a bit less boost

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How close you want the AFR to be to your target is very dependent on the application, fuel, boost, and how highly strung the particular engine is. I personally would like to see the AFR within perhaps 1-2% of my target but that may not always be necessary. With a quality ECU that is correctly configured and tuned, the error should be pretty small.

As far as the acceleration enrichment goes, I tend to sue the AFR to guide my changes but generally abse the tuning more on feel as to how crisply the car repsonds to sharp throttle inputs. You'll almost inevitably end up with some kind of lean spike on a large/fast throttle opening and this doesn't mean that there is a problem with your calibration if the car responds nicely.

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