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TB response & RPMs

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Hello All...

New to the tuning game... heres the skinny which boggles my mind:

I see Andre in these modules.... How do you open the TB, to move to the next cell for adjustment, and remain the vehicle at 2K rpm while in 4th gear??


The Dyno that is being used will maintain the engine speed that is set using the retarders in the dyno.


Black Rex.

I understand, thanks... But what still troubles me is that, to move (assuming) to the next MAP cell, to make adjustments, you have to accelerate the pedal, opening the TB more, to the next KPA... and in the videos, for example: Andre moved from 60 Kpa to 70 Kpa without increasing RPMs.

Hope i made sense, Bro.


I think you meant to say "I still don't understand"

The reason he can increase the load/manifold pressure/throttle position and not increase the RPMs is because even though the engine makes more power, the dyno compensates and adds more retarding load.

Think of it as a driving up a hill, when you press the accelerator pedal, the hill gets steeper and the engine doesn't accelerate.

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