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Terminator X lean on decel

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Hey guys I have a terminator x ecu in my Fox body that has a Stock 5.3 with a 78/75 turbo. The car runs great except on deceleration. It will spike to 30 on the afr for 3-5 seconds and clean up. The Self learn feature has put the fuel at 80 in the area where the issue is. Could this possibly be a false lean from the wife and getting soaked in fuel? Any suggestions are appreciated. I can provide a data log and the current GCF if needed.

You should probably be ignoring the AFR reading on deceleration. On many ECUs, there is a "Deceleration Fuel Cut Off" (DFCO)that disables all the injection while decelerating, which will cause an intended lean condition (it also saves fuel). Three may be parameters in your ECU that controls the DFCO, such as the delay before entering, at what RPM it re-enabled the fuel, and how much extra fuel is applied when coming out of DFCO to avoid a real lean condition when the injectors are enabled.