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Tfx engine analyzer

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Good afternoon everyone , I'm newly getting into engine tuning and was curious if a tfx engine analyzer would be a good tool to have as I don't currently gave access to a dyno.

It's a great tool if you can afford the setup cost and time, but it all adds up. I haven't priced one recently, but last time I did, it was going to cost more than a dyno to purchase the system, logger, sensors, machine the engine, etc. all in.

On the forum you'll find people discussing various inexpensive options for knock detection, which combined with some dyno time is a good start. You mentioned you don't currently have dyno access, but traveling to a dyno would likely cost a great deal less than a TFX setup. I hope this helps.

I own a TFX8 with six brand new Instrumented spark plugs (new from TFX factory) and it is for sale for a price tag in the low four digits range.

Purchase price was 16500 USD.

The whole system has VERY low mileage on it.


If Dom's spark plugs fit your application those alone are quite expensive usually.

1300 USD each.

From memory, they fit Toyota 2J, 19mm standard lenght.

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