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Anyone have experience with the TFX Data System using combustion chamber pressure for tuning?

Are there Other systems out there performing the same type of collection of information for tuning?

I haven't had experience with any of the systems available however I do know that TFX has a great reputation and is a very powerful system. If you're comparing options then you may also want to consider Plex Tuning's combustion monitor system.

Thank You For the Suggestion

Plex PCA 2000 is an impressive unit to say the least.

Not to slight the TFX but the in field options on the Plex are top shelf.

I own a basically brand new 8 channel TFX system and it is THE tool to have. I also do have 6 brand new, factory refurbished M14 standard reach instrumented spark plugs with it and I am putting it up for sale because of lack of opportunity to make good use of this truly awesome piece of equipment.

Price: 9750 USD plus shipping cost



Here some TFX pics.

PS.. apologies for the crappy photo quality

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How many mm reach are the plugs?

Standard reach like on a 2JZ Toyota motor, 19mm thread dia

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