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Throotle shift issue Motec M150 GPRP

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Hello collective,

I have been chasing 2 issues for some time now, throttle delay (lag)off idle and very harsh downshift.

Engine spec LS7 with forged internals, 11.75:1 comp, mast stage 3 cam (specs Unknown they dont share), Mast 310 blacklabel heads, MSD Atomic manifold with Nick Williams 102DBW throttle.

Trans unit is an Albins ST6-M air shifted thru Motec unit

Can some one look over attached Zip file and see if I have something wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I had a big long reply that was lost when it wanted me to login again. Sorry I can't recreate it. But let me suggest you read the firmware help for Idle Throttle Pedal Offset, and try values like 50% for Idle Throttle Pedal Blend, and 5% for Idle THrottle Pedal Offset Limit.

We have used a different Throttle Area table for the LS-7 throttle bodies, and I am attaching what we use. This may require re-tuning various Throttle Aims for Idle , Blip , etc.

You can import this from Initial Setup->Throttle Servo. Right click in the Throttle Area table, and use Import->From File...

Good Luck

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Thanks David, Ill give it a try this weekend

Hi David,

Finally got a moment to look over the file you sent. It is the exact opposite of what I currently have. Were you have +23 i have a -23 and so on.

Going to track Friday and will give it a try.