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Bit off the tuning topic, I am trying to do an engine swap and packaging dictates a throttle body with throttle plate pivoting in the vertical plane as opposed to the horizontal plane. I have not seem this elsewhere and am not sure if there are good reasons why not.

Any thoughts would be great.

What style of engine is this going into? The only real issue that I could see with a throttle opening like this is the possibility that it shadows one bank of cylinders in a V format engine when the blade is opening.

Thanks for this, i can confirm it is a naturally aspirated v6, i was thinking the same, idle and full throttle should be the same. Only thought now that says its possibly ok is that under partial throttle the intake is under vacuum, in a vacuum gasses are great at evening out. Still if i can get it to fit as per normal i will stick with conventional design.

Cheers ALex