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Throttle maps how do i make it open more

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i am tunning this Polo 2019 with original ecu, an Bosch MG1CS111, but i cant get the throttle angel to open a 100%

i think its the same as in older cars, but i never learned how to make these open a 100% so any help to get them open 100% on these was cars would be nice.

the cars currently at 84.7 with full throttle... pedel says 87,5 in the live data?

Hi, do you have any parameters regarding throttle limits? I'm learning on Ford Mustang ECUs so I'm sure our ROMs are quite different. I'd look for any parameters around pedal and throttle limits and angle vs. pedal. You may be able to set higher limits to get the ECU to allow up to 100% throttle. ""

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You may want to observe the throttle while at the monitored max value to see if you still want to try for more. With the help of a trusted friend you can carefully compare where you can move the plate to by hand vs. where the ECU will drive it. In some cases it's as far as the throttle body can physically go reliably.

Also, on some modern vehicles the max opening angle actually represents where max flow occurs, and further increasing the value will not have a benefit, may even reduce flow.

All this to say before you increase it, make sure an increase is not only possible, but might help. For example, sometimes 80% is actually where the plate is perpendicular to the throttle body.

Many times, the throttle position is an angle, not a percentage (so a max value of 90 degrees is the most you would expect).

alright thank you i will try to look into that

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