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For a newish tuner/mapper such as myself; do any of you guys/gals have any specific opensource timing and logging software that is user friendly that I can start on? (The logging function in ROM looks a bit too clunky and not very friendly to beginners)



I can answer only partly. If you can export the log in a spreadsheet format, then MegalogVieverHD is a very good software to view the logged data.

As for the logging software itself, others may advise.

PS: What do you refer to as "Timing Software"?

Looking at your profile picture, I'm guessing you are looking these infos for a Subaru.

If you are using a Tactrix cable, RomRaider is free and simple, it saves in .csv and as DynoDom said, MegalogViewerHD is pretty simple yet it's a powerful software to open the saved logs.

There's a worked example of a Subaru being tuned with these open source software (ECUFLASH, RomRaider...) in the Practical Reflash Tuning course here on HPA, might worth the investment if you haven't purchased it yet.



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