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Timing while cranking

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Hi - with a Link G4+ does the engine get its timing while cranking from the main ignition map ? Or does the idle ignition control have control during cranking . What conditions come into play ? I have the idle ignition target displayed as a digital readout on the main page on my laptop when tuning and while cranking this colours red ( I guess because it is under idle target speed ) . Does this mean it is active while cranking ? Occasionally the motor gives a slight kick back when hot re-starting . Thanks - Ken

I've just confirmed this with Link (actually made Simon run the simulator as he didn't know for sure!). There is a hard coded rpm at 450 above which the ECU assumes the engine is running. Below this the main ignition table will deliver the ignition advance value. Above this, idle ignition would function if it's enabled.

If you're having trouble with the engine kicking back during crank I'd first ensure that the engine rpm signal is stable and you're not getting any trigger errors (or at least really erratic rpm jumps). If this all checks out, you may find that retarding the timing in the cranking zone of the ignition table is beneficial - try 0-10 degrees and see how the engine performs.

Cool - Thanks for going to the trouble of finding out for sure - Cheers - Ken

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