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Hello guyz long time no write...

I'm opting to buy an oscilloscope for the heavy duty wiring glitches that I might find in the future ahead and because I'm the type of guy that believes better have it but not needed than needed and not have it....

Sorry for the prologue on the matter at hand now, I was looking on some cheap ebay units and the Pico oscilloscopes and this was as far I could go! I got confused with options frequencies etc etc. Can someone clarify what's gonna be usefull for a DIYer like me and what's for the pros?

In terms of more affordable stuff, I've used a Picoscope before. https://www.picoauto.com/products/automotive-oscilloscope-kit/overview . What's your budget? If you want to see current you will need current clamps (useful for looking at ignition coil and injector signal, especially direct injection), which is part of the "Standard" kit.

I recently bought a knock monitor and I'm very low on budget around the 300 euro range but if it is to buy a more complete solution I will wait until I have the money! What is the frequency range of the scope you use?

Peronaly i have 3 scopes. First i bought a Rigol DS1054Z 4 channel bench scope thinking i would share it between my electronics hobby and my car hobby/work. Turned out to never beeing used on my car but instead have a fixed place in my "electro lab". I found it too much of a hassle to drag it around with a power cord attached to it at all times. Its a 50 Mhz scope that can easily be upgraded to 100 with a code should one want.


Then i have a big Picoscope kit bought from Autonerdz in the US. Its the 4424 automotive 4 channel scope.


This is THE scope for automotive stuff nowadays. Really nice software and alot of usefull functions within it. This is the stuff i drag out when i want to get serious.

However the one i use the MOST is this little bugger


I got the big kit with the amp clamp and whatnot (you want an ampclamp whatever scope you get. Its usefull beyond imagination with a scope. Trust me). They advertise it as a "run and gun" scope and that is an understatement. Its so easy to grab and do a quick check on whatever you want to check. The downside is that it is a single channel scope only. If you want a single scope for car use you really want at LEAST 2 channels. To me 4 is really a minimum but people DO get by with 2 channels too. So to me the uScope is really usefull but i could not live with it alone.

That said! The uScope is really a scope made by Minidso in china. uScope/aeswave just put a custom software in it to make it more car friendly. It is in reality the DSO Nano v3 scope. They also make several other scopes too with more channels so you could look into that is you want a small handy decent scope that is pretty cheap. Like this one; https://www.seeedstudio.com/dso-quad-4-channel-digital-storage-oscilloscope-p-736.html Remember. Although its branded as a 4 channel scope 2 of them is digital (logic channels) only. So really a 2 channel pr say. Also you will ned to put together all teh bits and pieces you need in addition to the scope itself. Unlike the big uScope package where you get most of the things you need in it.

Here is a few more; https://www.sainsmart.com/collections/tools-instruments/oscilloscopes

Search for them on Youtube and you should find some videos...

So Happy with them all. Just for different things.

Regarding speed and bandwith. Look at the specs on the 4425 and 4225 picos. They are made for auto usage and are more than fast enough for it.

Btw. Also got a Snapon Vantage MT2400 from the early 90`s that i simply love and use all the time. Google it. Can be had used at ebay usually.

That's a lot of helpful info thanks very much! I Wil check and proceed accordingly!

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