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Toyota 2zz VVTL-i VVC setup (Ecumaster black emu)

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Hi everyone. I have a toyota 2zz with VVTL-i supercharged with and ecumaster black emu. I am setting the car now and i will also be running a dual map. Map no1 will be normal and map no2 will be to run water/meth injection to cool the intake temps and get max hp (don't want to drive all the time with spraying water/meth). As i see from the configuration of the ecumaster software it has a table switch option for 2 VE tables/IGN tables. In the table switch section you have the option to select to switch to the 2nd VE/IGN tables when VVC/VTEC/VVTL-i is engaged. But my question is how could i program the ecu to also switch VE/IGN tables when you i press the button from normal map to map with water/meth injection. Spraying water/meth should require different VE/IGN maps yes?

I was told it could be done but i cannot get my head round it.



Hello Jason,

Interesting project and you're quite right you will have to increase the fuelling to compensate for the increased air charge density and you will be able to run more ignition advance due to the higher knock resistance of methanol and again cooler charge temps.

with regards to setting it up in the ECUMaster SW [Client version 2.113 exp.5];

Under the Others tab open 'Tables switch' then 'Table switch mode' where you can select 'Switch with user input' then assign which tables you would like to switch and define the switch input. I've attached a screenshot. If this option isn't available for you try updating to the latest version or getting in touch with ECUMaster directly.

hope that helps.

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Hi Ben.

Thank you for the reply. I have seen this option you mention. But my concern is that probably the Table switch will be used for the VVTL-i (Toyotas VTEC). Yes?

So if the the Switch table (map2) to be used for the Variable lift cam how will i map for increase fuelling and more ign advance for when pushing the button to use water/meth?

The only option i see is to use Nitrous tab to setup water/meth but don't know if that will be possible?

Before i bought the ECU from ECU master told them my setup and said that will be fine. Haven't figured it out yet.



hi Jason,

The table switch can be used either as in independent user defied input or on when VVTL-i is active. You don't necessarily need to switch to a 2nd ve/ign table when VVT is active as at say 6000rpm the engine will always switch to the higher lift cam and when at X load and X rpm the valve angle will always be at Y so you can manage VVT with the base maps free up the secondary tables to be used for your water meth function.

Using the nitrous functionality will work and it has some features to control entry conditions and an output to control the pump if you're not using the AEM system for example but in terms of fuelling and ignition corrections the tables are modifiers rather than a switch to secondary calibration maps.

It looks like you have 2 options to achieve your goal and since its just software you can try both so see what works best for you the important point is to ensure the correction for ignition and fuelling is accurate to make sure you're making the most of the system and not putting the engine at risk.

Hi Ben

Thanks for the clarification. that makes a lot of sense. I will give both way a try and see what work better.



I also have a supercharged 2ZZ and am looking at enabling FlexFuel using the blend table feature in the ECUmaster black. What did you end up doing to solve your issue? It seems that in the ECUmaster black introduction webinar, someone asked this question and Andre's suggestion was to use VE table #1 for all of the gasoline tuning, and VE table #2 for E85 tuning, blending between the two based on ethanol content. The trick he provided was to add a breakpoint at the RPM switchover point for VTEC, as well as a breakpoint 1 RPM higher. That allows you to provide VE numbers commensurate with the higher VE resulting from the VTEC switch.


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