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Toyota 86 coil dwell table

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I am looking for a safe coil dwell table for a Toyota 86 with factory coils...perhaps from a Motec M150 86 calibration or ECUTek. What I currently have is attached is from an 86 race car. I just want to double check them against a factory or Motec derived dwell table.

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I see this in a MoTeC Toyota 86 pkg:

Voltage, Charge Time (ms)

8.0, 5.3

9.0, 4.3

10.0, 3.6

11.0, 3.0

12.0, 2.6

13.0, 2.3

14.0, 2.1

15.0, 1.9

Hope that helps.


I am using 2.8-3 ms at 14 v

Its been amazing

I would be careful at using these coils at that dwell time and voltage, the MoTeC Dwell tables are done to a point that is approx 90% the coil saturation limit (to allow for variances in coils) so running the numbers higher means that you are just saturating the coil and generating heat that isn't needed.

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