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Toyota 86 upgrade package ?

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Hi Andre,

I am looking to offer customers a upgrade packages for the Toyota 86 and I would love to hear your recommendation on which way to go (Turbo vs Compressor, ready made sets vs self built parts, etc.), piggibacking (cost) and standalone. Maybe two or three different packages could be offered.

Following that you have been through various steps of forced induction on your own 86, your opinion will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

In the UK no one piggy backs the 86, the software available makes it more cost effective to invest in either open source tuning or ECUTEK. they will allow you to tune for most breathing mods including forced induction.

Thanks for the reply Chris. Can you advise on what software solutions are there apart from ECUTEK ?

Also, I vaguely recall Andre mentioning that a turbo upgrade seems to be better as compared to supercharger. Who has first hand experience with ready-made bolt on kits for the 86 and what would your recommendations be?

Thanks in advance

The only options I'd consider for 86 tuning are EcuTek or the MoTeC M150 package if the budget allowed. These engines are a little beyond a piggy back system if you want reliable and consistent results. I haven't used BRZ Edit but I believe this is a viable alternative to EcuTek but I'm unsure how thorough their definitions are or how good their support for FI is. EcuTek is excellent, very complete, and with the addition of custom maps through RaceROM there is basically nothing you can't achieve.

As far as FI options go, the Sprintex SC kit is probably the easy pick. It won't set the world on fire in terms of outright power, however it's high quality, reliable and pretty effective. A turbo kit will easily make more power and will prove reliable for street cars but have constantly been shown to cause heat control problems on the track - I'm still fighting this on our car.

For example on our Mainline dyno a stock car puts out about 110-115 kW atw. A sprintex SC makes about 155-160 kW atw and our turbo kit makes about 190-200 kW atw. We started with the AVO kit but I totally rebuilt/redesigned the manifold to get it reliable for track use. I'm regularly seeing ECT reach 105 deg C after only a handful of hard laps on a warm day, and that's with a massive oil cooler too :(

We've done a Sprintex SC on a BRZ this year in January, very high quality kit and I was really impressed in how the car was alive after that mod. We used BRZ Edit to tune the stock ECU, the definitions are pretty good but unlike EcuTek you don't have the ability for custom maps or RaceRoms.

Epifan released some definitions, so it supports Launch Control and Flat Shifting but other than that, you're stuck with the factory maps.

Thanks for your replies. With the info provided I have a good starting point now.

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