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Hi, so I have a EMU around in the house and was thinking of making a pnp adaptor (ordered the ecu plug)and use it on my daily car.

The issue is with the engine.

It's a 4AFE 1.6 litre 110hp engine 1998 year, 4AFE has 3 generations mine probably is 2nd gen. Distributor cap

From what i've read around the internet it might be an issue with the injectors and TPS.

-The injectors they say that all are bridged together and it batch fires all of them at the same time, is it true that toyota done this in that year?

-TPS they say that it might be a switch type TPS not a potentiometer type.

Does anyone know if these statements are true for this engine generation?

I can confirm that some of the older Toyota engines did use batch-fire injection. You can confirm this by finding a wiring diagram for the engine or alternatively just trace the injector wiring with a volt meter - If the injectors are sequential you'll only have continuity between the 12v feed to the injectors. Likewise you can check the resistance on the TPS to confirm if it's a switch or a potentiometer style.