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Hi guys,

we just got back our intake manifold from MoTeC (they did calibrate the DWB throttle Body) and luckily they provided us with an alternativ TPS sensor.

Now we just need to find the mating connector and pins :)

Anyone knows which brand and part# the Ford Falcon BA Turbo TPS Connector is?

I found it online here: http://www.nzefi.com/product/ford-falcon-ba-bf-tps-connector but I'd prefer to get it from Mouser Electronics or equivalent as they may be able to ship from a storage in Europe.

thanks a lot,


Just by the look of it, that's a Yazaki connector (1.5 series sealed).

Housing part number: 7283-5885-30

Female terminals tin plated:

22-20 gauge: 7116-4102-02

18-16 gauge: 7116-4103-02

// gold plated:

22-20 gauge: 7116-4102-08

18-16 gauge: 7116-4103-08

Cable Seal:

wire OD 1.19 - 1.70: 7158-3030-50

wire OD 1.60 - 2.34: 7158-3031-90

PS: they are also used on Bosch 0 261 230 093 pressure sensor (Found on Ford cars)

Now the bad news, the Yazaki connectors are one of the hardest to find...

that's exactly the connector i'm looking for .... thanks a lot

yeah great, I'll give Yazaki Europe a call tomorrow and let's hope I don't have to buy 1000 connectors as a minimum order :)

You can also skip the connector and pot the pins in place using an epoxy or silicon sealant, with a sheath of adhesive backed heatshrink as a strain relief. I have done this on a number of connectors on engines that I have worked on for various reasons.

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