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Hey guys. I'm new and trying to learn how to tune. I going basic setup on a Haltech plat. pro and I'm noticing that the TP's is at 100% when the throttle isn't engaged. Is this a programming thing or a wiring thing. Hope it not to stupid of a question. Thanks

Have you calibrated the tps ? I would try to calibrate it 1st and if that isn't the issue the you might have a faulty sensor or grounding on the loom , but if so usually it throws a code .

Tks for ur quick response. I will check it. Just to give a little more info the motor is a rb25 s1 in a s13 with a q45 throttlebody.

I just noticed that I posted this question 5 times. Is there a way that I can delete it. Sorry about that guys

Forget it I figured it out

What loom are you using ? I would double check also any wiring connections

I bought a chasebays rb25 universal harness cause I'm running a smartwire

So I'm finally out here trying to figure out the tips thing and I'm checking the voltage on the harness and I have 5 volts with the throttle closed and when I open the throttle the voltage goes to zero. And I can't figure out where in the programming to configure the tps

within the ECU Manager click on the Main Setup symbol, then go to the Inputs page, click the TPS tab and there you have it.

Click on read voltage with the throttle closed and then the read voltage below, with the throttle fully depressed.

Sorry I thought I edited my last post. I found where it was. But didn't help. I'm about to check wiring now

I figured it out. The signal wire and 5v wires were swapped. It's crazy how much I paid for this harness and its the third wire I found wired wrong. So to anyone that wants to buy a chasebays harness I would strongly suggest not to!!

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