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TPS reading.

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Does anyone encounter if the TPS read 13.33% on idle (without pressing the throttle pedal) ? or the TPS must read zero on idle ?

If you're talking about a cable throttle system then it's typical to have the TPS spanning between 0% and 100% and this is one of the first configuration jobs that need to be done. If the TPS doesn't go to 0% when the throttle is closed then it's possible that the ECU won't go into idle control mode or over run fuel cut when needed.

If you have a dbw throttle system then it's possible that the actual throttle position may be held open when the throttle pedal is at 0% in order to provide a suitable idle speed. You haven't given very much information about your situation so I can't help much more than this.

I'm sorry Adre, the car(mitsubishi cedia 4G18) is running on cable throttle system. I run the datalogging on EvoScan, the TPS reading shows 13.33% on idling when the throttle is closed. My question, is the reading is normal when the throttle is closed? Does the TPS must shows 0% reading when the throttle is closed?

anyone experiencing this ?

It's not an engine that I'm familiar with but it's quite possible that this is actually a normal reading on the scanner. What I would do is check that the closed throttle voltage from the TPS is correct and within tolerance - This information and the correct procedure for setting it will be available in the factory manual. It might take some searching to find the info you need but it shouldn't be impossible. Some older TPS units also had a throttle closed switch as well as the normal variable resistance wiper. This is relatively straightforward to check that the switch is activating when the throttle truly is closed and nowhere else.

Like Andre said it might be perfectly fine. If possible check the voltage out of the tps and maybe your scanner can tell you if you have "closed throttle" if yes then your fine, scanners will not always show zero.

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