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TPS Values?

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Hi! I have an issue that I cannot understand! I'm tuning a N/A motor running ITBS and fixed idle! I have 3 TPS readings on the software I'm running for tuning TPS% ,TPS voltage, TPS raw! The previous tune was based on the MAP sensor and now that I'm tuning it for TPS I can't get my head around it! If i change the closed/open values the TPS% changes but TPS raw stays the same! and when I start the car the crosshair stays around the TPS raw value and my idle disappears!

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

PS: I'll try to post some pics or video at some point!

What ECU are you running? The TPS value as a percentage is derived from a 0-5v input which is probably what your TPS voltage channel is. I'm not specifically sure what TPS raw would reference though. Generally the load axis for your fuel table should be TPS %.

I'm running the stock ECU with a Moates Demon 2 daughterboard running HRTuners Neptune RTP package! I know I should be running an aftermarket ECU but the budget didn't allow for this!

Perhaps the TPS sensor need to be rotated so the raw voltage is in the proper idle range. What does the factory workshop manual have to about TPS replacement.

For info: Raw values are the values that the microcontroller receives from the A/D converter. The range depends on the resolution of the A/D, ie number of bits. For example; an 8 bit A/D will have a range of 0-255 or 0-FF. A 12 bit A/D -> 0-4095 or 0-FFF.

As I said before here are the pics!

@David Ferguson I think the TPS installed on the ITBs is what Jenvey suggested! I bought the ITBs secondhand so I'm not sure! I'll have to contact them for confirmation!

@Helge Thank you for your assistance! What I notice so far on the software is that it is an absolute value (e.g. TPS% =10.1342 TPS raw=10)

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If that screen shot is with the throttle fully closed -- I would either adjust the throttle stop to lower the throttle position (and thus the TPS reading), or re-calibrate the TPS so that closed reads 0-5% and not 9.6% like it does in that screen shot.

What I was talking about was the TPS will be bolted to the ITB with two screws if you loosen those, you can rotate the TPS until the TPS% reads the same as the first column in your table (5.1%).

I've just got confirmation from HRTuning that the TPS map uses the TPSRaw value to run the map so by default we are talking 0-5V but my TPS voltage range is 0.39-3.98V this means 9-80 range! Now my problem is how to scale the map to this range meaning 9=fully clossed=0% 80 =WOT=100%

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