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Traditional fuel map base fuel input

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From other tuners who have tuned a traditional fuel map such a the Link and Vipec use how have you based your master injection Duration on? By using the required fueling calcs and injector sizing calcs?

I will alter my master fuel number to give me a good resolution in the fuel table.

Link recommend your max numbers be around 50 for a good resolution.

I will tend to aim for max number around 50-70

Check out this webinar below which could help

How do you work out your master fuel pulse width?

Watch the webinar Chris linked to as it explains the master pulse width in detail.

Essentially the master pulse width is the pulse width that will be sent to the injectors when there is a value of 100 in the fuel table at 100 kPa before any background compensations are applied. The master pulse width will depend on your injector size and how much power you're trying to support.