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Trigger boost solenoid for testing, loss of boost after misfire

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Backstory; I got my S15 on the dyno and all went well, healthy as can be. I was advised to change the spark plugs to a degree colder which I did, however, I did forget to gap them (to 0.5, leaving them at 0.7). I headed out to do the first proper road pull which did not go to plan. The car went into boost, it started to misfire (due to the gap) and then blew an intercooler pipe. So I limped back home, reattached the pipe and switched back to the old plugs for the time being. After this mishap, the car is running without misfires however it now sits at wastegate pressure (1 bar), sometimes not even reaching that far (0.9 bar).

I tested the boost solenoid independently using a 12v source and it clicks fine. I'm running a Link G4X ECU and I know that I should be able to test the solenoid by triggering it, causing a continuous sound. How do I go about doing this in the Link software?

I also found that there seems to be an oil leak coming from either the oil feed fitting from the block or the dip stick. I was thinking that maybe there was a crankcase pressure issue and the dip stick got popped, however, the dip stick sits firmly in place. During normal and "decent" driving it doesn't leak, but during high load such as drifting it does push out oil from the general region of the dip stick/oil feed. I also checked the PCV valve by both shaking and blowing through it and it appears to operate as intended.

Although my main question here is about the Link ECU, if there is any ideas about the loss in boost, I'm all ears.

Thanks Ross. I've checked and rechecked all the vacuum hoses and found no evidence of tares or splits. I was able to verify that the boost solenoid is indeed working via the ECU. As for the why I don't get any boost above wastegate pressure is still a mystery as I have been unable to identify any boost leaks.

I would next be looking at the intercooler piping sometimes they can come off just enough to hold boost and then leak, but I’m sure you have undone all the clamps and checked they are on correctly. Can you post your tune and a pic log that way I can check the log for operation of the boost solenoid while the engine is running

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