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Trigger error and rpm limit problem 2JZ

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After good support from Adam with Link ECU and after a software update, the next competition went without any issues.

Thank you Adam.

Glad to hear you got everything sorted!

What is the cause of the problem?

I would guess it was related to trigger event filtering and ignore. I would adress the question to Link ECU.

However, the important lesson learned is to always update your ECU firmware and programming software to the latest revisions prior to tuning any car.

Often ive seen that over a year may have passed from the time of production of the ECU to the actual tuning date, and the ECU should be updatet to get fixes to any issues that has been discovered in the meantime, as well as getting the latest functionality updates for it.

This goes for ANY manufacturer and is not in anyway special or negative towards one or the other ECU supplier.

"Consider ECU firmware update" is now included on my dyno session checklist.

Hmm, thats another thing ill recommend, to keep a checklist for your tuning jobs, it is not fun to forget things like verifying fuel pressure regulator setting and performance before starting the job and then having to start from scratch with fueling once you hit issues. (who hasnt been there.. )

I have a checklist that i have the owners do before i schedule them, and then i have my own that i use when the car is in the dyno.

I get that this seems like "Aviation school" and its not like you have to sign of for every line, but it has paid of for me to have it in hand so to ensure i dont forget something that causes a problem later, time spent on having to re-do things equals unhappy customer and time lost equals money lost.

The most common thing that happens is that i make an absumption or the customer say that this or that is ok but i skip checking myself and then it turns out it wasnt ok.

Perhaps Andre has adressed this in the practical dyno courses or webinars? He probably have.

It also goes with the 10-step process as well, to have a kind of workflow checklist, something like;

Pre dyno

- Verify wiring job, especially ground/sensor ground

- collect engine data, plugs, injectors, coils etc and related settings

- verify base ignition timing low-high rpm for drift

- verify MAP sensor with handpump

- verify FPR base pressure and performance with handpump

- verify oil pressure and/or oil pressure monitoring

- Verify all base settings and functions


- Ensure no active fuel/ign compensation at operating temperature

- Check all other compesations for normal setting

- Check and set expected ignition timing with conservative numbers

- Set AFR target map (ECU or paper)

- Tune cruising fuel (monitor total fuel compesation to ensure no interference)

- and so on

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