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Trigger issue

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Hi everyone,

so I have a 2jzgte vvti running a link plug in from an altezza (loom re pinned to suit)

im getting no trig1 or trig2 signals and no rpm reading but I am getting a trigger scope

obviously realise there’s a fault somewhere but seeing if someone could point us in the right direction


Can you attach the scope file and your tune.

see attached adam

Attached Files

Some of your teeth are only reaching 0.8V, but your arming threshold is set to 0.8V at 0RPM (so it will be a little higher at the cranking rpm of ~200rpm), the ecu will ignore the teeth that dont meet the arming threshold so the main micro then wouldnt receive a valid 36-2 pattern.

You have no signal from the cam sensor but you have sync mode set to none and wasted spark ign so that should be fine. You would be better to use the cam sensor though.

Set the 0RPM cell to 0.3V and the 1000RPM cell to 0.5V and see if you get RPM then.

Yeah I tried the arming at 0rpm at 0.5,0.6 and 0.7 also… made no change unfortunately

yeah the cam sensor is unplugged for testing currently just to try and get some sort of rpm reading

Once this issue is sorted we will sync it to be able to use the vvti


Will try your settings and report back


apologies for the delayed reply, tried the settings and no change… no rpm and no trig1 signal


Can you attach a fresh trigger scope, a pc log of it cranking and a copy of your tune.

Will upload these tomorrow for you… thank you

logs and tune for you adam


Attached Files

Can you send me an email, would like a bit more info about the application etc. I suspect there is possibly a sensor ground missing - the scope does show an acceptable waveform but in the log "trig 1 signal" still says "no" which means the signal is not reaching the micro.

Email sent

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