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Trigger issue Haltech Elite 750

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Vehicle: BMW 325i, E30, M20 engine

Trigger Setup: 60-2, Home Signal is an inductive clamp on sparkplug lead #1 (OEM)

ECU: Elite 750

The Motor does start but stumbles with permanent Errors 1&2 and half cycle Messages.

Since Home is assumed to be a noisy signal and neither hall nor reluctor, I am at a loss.

That's a setup I haven't had experience with and if I was honest it sounds like a terrible idea 😂 I'd be inclined to engineer a proper home signal into it somehow. To know more about what's going on and what the ECU is seeing I suggest using the scope function in the NSP software so you know what the home signal actually looks like. Alternatively (and not something I'd usually recommend) at a worst case you could run it off the 60-2 crank trigger although obviously you then won't be able to run sequential injection or direct spark.

Thank you Andre. I do agree that this a sub-optimal setup and I have previously advocated to ditch the distributor cap in replacement for a proper signal to be taken off the front of the camshaft, but so far my words were not heard yet.

Sequential Inj is a must, since the vehicle has to pass govt. emission drive cycle.

As mentioned, I wouldn't run that on a vehicle outside of a 'hey can I do this' exercise to save my life. I know there are a bunch of DFI conversion bits and pieces for that engine from people like Bimmerheads etc.

If you're billing for this development...I guess just keep billing for a solution that doesn't work until they get the message?

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