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Hello. I have a question about trigger offset? As Andre stated here

"number of degrees of crankshaft rotation between the synchronisation event and TDC on #1 cylinder." Link help file says that "trigger offset can be determined by measuring the angle between the tooth after the gap and sensor when the engine is at TDC number 1." Help file speaking about crank trigger wheel with missing tooth. Correct? So adjusting trigger offset, we telling the ECU where the sync event is or where the crank sensor is, relatively to the TDC1?

The definition of the offset is dependent on the actual trigger mode. Essentially you're correct though - We are telling the ECU where the sync event is in the engine cycle. Tuners get too hung up on the specifics of this but the reality is that we just need to adjust it until the timing in the laptop matches what we're seeing with the timing light.

Andre, you are the best. Thank you.