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Dear All,

I got a problem I'm doing a natural aspirated, I'm using 36-1 trigger wheel. What I do is that I mark the crank pulley on TDC and I checked the distance from the missing teeth to the crank sensor which I done the trigger offset of -21Deg.

When I check with the timing light Im getting about 13deg less then I should be having. Now I was thinking since I set the trigger offset at -21deg I had set the spark to be triggered on the TDC. Shall I adjust the trigger offset to -8 deg

Here also I attached a screen shot of the map I got.

Thanks in advance for you help.



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What ecu are you using? Are your reluctor sensor wires reversed by chance?

the easiest way really is, to lock the ignition timing, hook up your timing light and just adjust the values until the timing mark lines up with whatever value you locked the timing at.

Just try to get it close while cranking, the engine should start then.

Then re-adjust and get it lined up perfectly when the engine is idling. Re-check at 3500rpm so that you're certain, the timing doesn't drift.

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