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Trigger Scope diagnostic Log settings

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I am using LINK G4+ Monsoon ECU, i just want to diagnostic trigger and intake cam activity/injector activity.

could you please share with me the Log setting and guidelines.


If you are using PCLink to log, then all parameters are logged, so you just need to add them to a time plot etc have a look in the help file here:

PCLink G4+ Users Manual > Logging Operating Procedures > Logging Views > Time Plot

If you're ECU logging have a look at the attached screengrab

If you're using hall effect sensors, then you can get rid of the Trig1 and Trig2 Arming

If your injection timing is fixed, then you can get rid of Inj Timing too.

Otherwise; Inj Duty cycle tells you the injector duty cycle, Effective PW is the pulsewidth that the ecu calculates before adding injector short pulse, deadtimes etc, Inj Actual PW is the final value, including that injector data. I like to monitor both.

Inlet / LH;

Posn and Target tell you position and target, these should follow, but keep in mind there are limitations to how well we can expect this.

Solenoid will tell you the % Duty Cycle being commanded to the VVT solenoid.

Signal (Status) will tell you if the signal wire for the cam position sensor is present, on your Monsoon, this is probably the same as Trig 2, if it is, you can remove this parameter.

Err Counter will increment if the ECU is unhappy with the number of teeth it has counted.

Sys Status will tell you whether the vvt system is actually operating (you can probably drop the frequency on that one down a bit)

Trig arming is for VR sensors, as the signal rises, once it reaches this arming threshold it will begin waiting for a zero crossing.

Trig Statuses will tell you whether the ecu is seeing any signal (even the wrong signal)

Trig error counter will increase if the ecu detects the wrong number of teeth in an engine cycle, read more in the manual here:

G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Triggers > Solving Triggering Issues > Understanding the Trigger 1 Error Counter

At roughly 25% maximum rate you should get a log file about 56 minutes long.

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