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Trigger setup, Injector setup abd Ignition setup

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I have finish the practical tuning curse but there are some few thnigs that confuse me !

Im as a tuner I need to adjust the trigger setup,adjust the injector setup and ignition setup but the problem that each car have its ohn setup

The qustion is what is the best and easiest way to get this information

there is any website provide this information ?

As far as the trigger and ignition setup goes, this is going to be specific to the engine that you're tuning. Often your ECU manufacturer will be able to advise on the correct configuration for a certain engine. You can usually tell what the ignition coils are and how to set these up visually and there's information about these in the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course.

The injector setup is a little harder. If you're fitting aftermarket (larger) injectors then I strongly recommend purchasing from a supplier who can give you all the injector data. This makes it very easy to set up the injector data in the ECU. If you're using stock injectors this becomes a little trickier since getting accurate data is hard without an accurate flow bench. While it is nice to have all the data for your injectors, you need to also remember that many years ago a lot of ECUs didn't even account for injector dead time, never mind short pulse width adders. It's totally possible to complete a tune without this data although obviously the accuracy of the tune will be affected in a minor way.

Thanks for you information I recomend that If you can do webnar on this topic to explaine how tune wothout this information it will be helful to many tuners beacuse its still confusiong