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Trigger signal on plex knock monitor

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Hi Andre and fellow tuners,

I've got a question surrounding the plex knock monitor v2. I recently bought an innovate inductive lead which I was told can be inputted to the knock monitor to provide a trigger signal. There are two green wires supplied with the kit for this purpose. One end has been pinned to be inserted into the plex harness and the other end left untouched.

My question surrounds connecting the loose ends of wire to the inductive clamp which obviously has a Jack at the end to be plugged into other innovate products such as the lm2. Have any of you here done this? What's the best way? I'd rather find out what others have done before I go hacking the connector off the clamp. Also is the clamp polarity sensitive?

Andre how do you have this setup?


My solution to getting a trigger signal to the Plex was simply to make up a jumper wire at the ECU header plug for the #1 cylinder ignition coil. I've never tried using an inductive clamp unfortunately so can't comment on how that can be achieved. Tha manual is online and can be found here: http://www.plex-tuning.com/supportdocs/KNOCK_Instructions_V2/Knock_Monitor_Instructions_Manual_V2.0.html

If you check the section 'Step 3: Trigger Connection' you will see the options available. At this point no option is listed for an inductive clamp and the 'Inductive Clamp 1' and '2' are listed as 'for future use'. You may be better to trigger directly off the coil 1 output from the ECU.

Hey Andre,

I spoke to Iaonnis of plex and he told me that the version 2 knock monitor can be used with an inductive lead. I've purchased the innovate lead and cut the end off the innovate jack end and soldered the green wires provided with the knock monitor. The other end of these wires have already been pinned by plex so you just need to insert it into the plex harness. You need the check which way the lead works by connecting the wires both ways before soldering them together though because it is polarity sensitive.

And how you connected the innovatie clamp to the Plex?

Would be eassier for us the make it also

See pic

Attached Files

and you just set it if you connect to injector in the knock monitor ?

pulse per cycle = 1

And the plex just pick up the pulse and Rpm is correct also ?

No you set it as if connected to coil/ignition on the Plex. Pulse per cycle will depend on the engine....set it to 1 if you're using a distributor, set to half the amount of cylinders if using wasted spark and set it to the amount of cylinders if using coil on plug

what ment is for skyline engines on cil 1 pulse per cycle is = 1

I did this with my Plex also. Seems obvious now, but this is for dyno use only. I melted the inductive clamp pretty quickly street tuning :)

Andre, do you have a picture of the jumper wire setup you mentioned?

On the street I usually use the no rpm basic setup or still select one of the more advanced set ups but I use the audio through the headphones solely

When using the no rpm setup how do you pinpoint where in the rpm band the knock occurs?

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