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Trouble starting DSM On AEM with 12 Tooth Trigger Disc Setup

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Hey Guys,

I have a 98' Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (6 bolt swap) running a series 1 AEM. I installed the Kiggly 12 tooth trigger disc kit (12 teeth on crank, 1 tooth for cam [both Hall Effect type sensors]) on the car a couple years ago and have never successfully gotten the car started up. The car does run fine on the original 1G sensor [optical] (cam(2 teeth)/crank(4 teeth)) combo unit mounted to the camshaft). Thankfully I can easily switch back and forth between the two sensor setups, it's just a matter of swapping the CAS, moving a few connectors around and loading a different tune. Instructions on the necessary programming changes were included with the kit (first attachment) but something is still off. I have even spoke with Mr. Kiggly himself about the issue and never came to a resolution. I have confirmed I'm getting power and signal to/from both the cam and crank sensors using a multimeter.

While on the 12 tooth trigger disc setup the following parameters do not register any kind of reading while spinning the engine over:

Cam-Crank (microSec)

Crank tooth Period (microSec)

T2PER (microSec)

Stat Sync'd (ON/OFF)

The Stat Sync'd is required to switch to "ON" before the engine will fire, it never switches ON with the new setup. For the other 3 parameters, I'm not perfectly sure what they're telling me other than a time in microseconds.

I have attached 2 PNG images, first showing the settings that are for the trigger disc kit setup and the second is the old or original settings.

I'm hoping someone wiser than me has some other ideas on what I might be missing here.

Thanks for any help or insight in advance.

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