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tube chassis build

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Hey guys,

does anyone know of a good and reliable tube chassis builder/company? Doesn't necessarily have to be in Europe, so they can be in the states or in down under, depending on how much the chassis would cost, shipping it probably wouldn't be much of a concern then :)

Any ideas and/or contacts are greatly appreciated.

thanks a lot,


I'll assume you're talking about a drag chassis? In that case most of the top chassis builders are in the US. Jerry Bickel Race Cars, RJ Race Cars, and Tim McAmis Performance are just a few that spring to mind. Chassis from any of these guys will be expensive and you will have to wait. They all offer DIY chassis kits too that may be worth considering.

Andre, thanks for the company names. I've called a few today are waiting on some quotes now. Let's see for how much these things go for and how long they take to fabricate.

It's going to be a road race chassis and the customer specifically stated that he wants a FI LSx with high HP. So the whole project will be challenging anywasy but doable with a bit of effort.

Sounds epic! Make sure you document it in the Builds thread if you go ahead.

Let's hope he likes our concept and accepts our offer. ... Then I will for sure put in the builds forums. :)

Still have to document some other builds anyways, but there's only so much time during the day.

Here is another option, is road race chassis builder .


Your looking for a dragrace chassis .import car or domestic.??

thanks guys, we're already in touch with Racefab Inc. ... let's see how this turns out.

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