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Tune for Chev 6.0lt

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Im starting the learning on tuning (I miss the non computerised cars lol). But im in the final stages of a build, Ive done a VY commodore with a 6.0Lt trailblazer upgrade, running a high rise manifold, 1,000 cc injectors along with a VCM 480 cam package. Ive done enough to get car running at idle but stalls when i give throttle, getting low voltage error in MAF which to my limited computer knolewdge is cause. would any one be willing to share a tune or any data for this set up as it will take me awhile with courses and would like ute on road?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A low voltage error sounds more like a physical (sensor/electrical) issue than a tune issue. I'd try to get that sorted prior to working on the tune. If the MAF isn't working right, it can't measure the incoming air, and therefore could be causing your stall issue when you give it throttle.

I'd swap out the maf and see if that helps first before trying to further change the tune, just be cautious that the maf calibration could be incorrect with a different maf.

Hopefully you have a mate with the same car?

Also check for intake air leaks post MAF.

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