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Tuner Nerd Knock Monitor - need help

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Hey all - hope you are all fine and maybe some of you could help me.

I am trying Tuner Nerds Knock Monitor for the first time on a friend car following the istructions coming from Tuner Nerd.

Problem: the ground noise level picked up by the Knock Monitor is already so high that it is impossible to create a knock threshold curve.

maybe some of u had same experience and can help me out. thanks a lot

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Hi, I'm having problems setting up my TN knock monitor as well. Have you found a solution to your problem pls?

there are two "gain" controls that you need to set to bring the signal into range - there is a doc somewhere that comes with the unit that explains on how to set them to bring the noise level down so that you can set a curve correctly.

havnt had mine running in a while - but from memory they are next to the knock frequency selection box - two round dials

the wav file sounds "ok-ish" its been saved after its been filtered

make sure you have the power and ground using the same power and ground that the ecu uses so you dont get extra electrical noise when you plug probes into sensors due to ground potential differences

show us a screenshot of a ramp run where we can see your gain settings and frequency selection choices as well as the noisy results your getting - and what bore size your engine is and where you are running the knock sensor as well plz

theres bound to be a few people on here with these units who can chime in with opinions or advice :)

what do you mean power and ground pls? sorry I'm all new to this so I'm still a bit green with some of the terms.

for power i mean battery 12v positive terminal (+)

for ground i mean battery negative terminal (-) / chassis ground points

its important to wire the tuner nerd up so that it uses the same power and ground wires as the ecu - so that the signals it see's are the exact same signals as the ecu sees or you can get incorrect data if the tunernerd gets its power and ground from a different place

eg tuner nerd might see +5v from the map sensor when the ecu is only seeing +4.9v - it might not sound like much of a difference - but it can cause massive problems if you want accurate data - you could get noisy signals, incorrect voltages, voltage spikes

for some things "close enough is good enough" - but for electrical sensors and datalogging gear - you want it perfect not just "close enough" :)

i hope this is a little helpful and does not make too many engineers / electricians cringe too hard :) (i am not a either of those things)

Ok so I have the Knock Monitor Pro V3 and so far I connected the RPM source (yellow and black) with injector 1 and the knock sensor. The monitor connects directly to the laptop. AFR is connected to the ECU (so I cannot use the white wire with the knock monitor) and I couldn't connect the MAP sensor as I do not know the multiplier and offset numbers. I was told that I don't have to connect the black wire (ground) unless I'm using the MAP and AFR. Not sure about this though after I read what you wrote.

I will be trying to set it up again tomorrow night. I probably have to find the right Gain and Filter numbers. I could not connect the knock sensor in its original place as the bolt hole was too big, so I found another place which is quite close.

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