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I'll preface this with the fact I am an amateur/hobbyist tuner who has gained a lot from HP Academy. Many thanks to you all.

Are there any other TunerNerd Knock Monitor Pro users out there? I'm looking for some tips and advice on how to make the unit more reliable.

My experience so far has been fighting weird quirks. Sometimes the software has bugs during a pull, the RPM signal goes wild and the recording cuts out when it detects knock. I have combated the RPM signal issue by routing the signal wire away from the ignition wires (wasted spark setup) and wrapping it in aluminum foil. That seems to do the trick for the most part when I rev up the engine at a standstill, but during a pull on the road the signal reads something unrealistic like 10k rpm at 4.5k. Thinking the heat and vibration could be an issue, I wrapped the unit is double sided aluminum jute pad and stored it in a cool area near the headlight and secured with a big zip tie. That seemed to help but the unit was still having bugs that required resetting the unit by unplugging the USB. Most of the issues seem to crop up during a pull. Steady state and at idle it's mostly fine.

I've not used that unit, but purchasing really good pre shielded wire is pretty reasonable when you only need a few feet.

This is what I use, but there are likely other good options as well.

Military Specification MIL-W-27500 Shieled Tefzel Wire | LOW PRICES at Prowireusa.com

I'll echo what Mike mentioned, this sounds like you're getting Electromagnetic Interference the plug wires/elsewhere. Running shielded wire with a "drain" that's routed to a dedicated ground will likely help.

Appreciate the help!

Fortunately, I have some spare shielding wire. Concerning the drain, would a dedicated ground be the sensor ground on the knock monitor or chassis/engine ground?

Would electromagnetic interference cause a false audio knock? Attached is a recording from my engine. From 1:30-1:40 there are some popping noises that I diagnosed initially as knock.

Attached Files

Meaning a direct to battery ground terminal so no inductive grounds cause noise. Knock sensors are supposed to only report specific frequency, it sounds like you were making a pull when it occurred, correct? It sounds like proper placement for it to occur but I'm no expert.

Got it. I'll give that a try and will report back.

Yes, the sound was from making a pull and the recording was made using the knock monitor. It did mark that popping noise as knock.

Wonderful, let us know how it goes.

Grounding on the battery instead of the injector ground is solid advice. The Tuner Nerd V4 touch has shielded wires and but still picks up slick induction. Grounding the black probe on the battery - extended with a wire- solves this .

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