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tuning a worked engine from a stock ecu

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I have a locked ECU with a terrible tune. So I am thinking of buying a stock, second hand ECU. (02 subaru wrx)

Nothing is standard on the engine besides the intake manifold and maf sensor housing (bigger cams, bigger turbo, full exhaust, bigger injectors etc)

will it be possible to tune from a stock ECU? i dont think i am ready to go down the haltech/link road yet as the subaru ECUs are very capable.

I will only have to rescale injectors as MAF is the same.



Josh, tuning from scratch is not much different than redoing a bad tune - you still need to build your boost curve, af mixture and igintion. If you understand how that gets done than new ECU is way to go unless there are ways to unlock the one you already have...

as long as you have injector data it shouldnt be that hard, beside that make a datalog with afr boost and timing to use on your new ecu this way you will be close, keep your old ecu for reference and if you can find a rom file to get your self familiar with the maps before you decide to spend your money on different ecu maybe immo and key

Okay cool thanks, thought so i just needed some reassurance :)

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