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Tuning and intake air temperature, BMW 650i 2013

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Tuning a BMW 650i 2013 and have a few questions about IAT. Stock running 450bhp/680nm i had IAT 36 celsius. Tuned 550bhp/850nm i had IAT 53 celsius. What can i consider to be a "withing normal" IAT? The room temp was 18-20 celsius both runs.

I have no IN air to the dyno garage. The garage is 4,5 meters high, 5m wide and 12m long. Running a Bapro 4WD HP and car generates some heat. i run a 15kw fan about 2,5m on the wall, so it would suck the air in from the sides and ofcourse with open garage door wich is 5x4,5m

Anyone have some tips reducing the IAT?

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Larger/more efficient charge cooler?

If it's just for testing, some ordinary high-speed household fans in front of it may help with feeding air directly to the charge cooler?

...in addition to Gord's comments, also try to manually water spray the IC for a test.

Although 53degC is not super critical, it is best practice to keep IAT as low as possible.

Take the car for a drive on the road and datalog.

What was Initial charge pressure, compared to after?

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