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I have a customer coming in for a tune on a r33 skyline with a apexi power fc, I’m a confident tuner but I have never tuned the power fc and don’t really now anything about them. Where can I get some info on how the opperating system works and what to do.


Having tuned a few of my Skylines with a Power FC, unless you have the software and specific cable/interface (Datalogit) they are a pain in the a** as you have to use the little hand controller which only gives you access to a few of the settings and you can only view a portion of each table at one time (if I remember correctly you can view a 5x5 section of the table)

Ignoring the fiddly tuning method, actually tuning them is easy (partly because they are fairly basic).

I had never mapped a petrol ECU before buying my first R33 GTR, plugging an Apexi Power FC into it and then tuning/learning at the same time (I have however spent many years tuning LPG systems which slave from the original petrol ECU so I was not a complete amateur)

You have a selection of different AFM settings pre calibrated, the timing map is fairly easy as the ECU is calibrated for the specific engines knock sensor and it gives you a knock reading that you ideally want to keep below a certain number on the controller.

There are however no real safety strategies, the engine can be knocking its tits off and although the commander will show you a high reading, it is unable to do anything about it as it has no ability to retard the ignition based on knock.

You cannot set a boost limit etc.

I found a company is Australia that were selling a unit called the 'FC Hako' this is the same as the datalogit and allows you to connect a laptop and run the Apexi software which gives you access to a lot more settings, and you view the tables complete.

It also allows you to log a wideband and datalog numerous parameters to the PC, I purchasewd one of these very early into my Power FC experience and it worked perfectly and made tuning the Power FC 100x easier.


Also, a useful website if you a re new the Power FC would be this one.

Hope this helps,


You need to find out if it's a standard Power FC (uses a MAF sensor also called an AFM), or if it's a D jetro Power FC (meaning D Jetronic, which refers to speed density). If it's speed density it's a different process.

and you're dead in the water without a Datalogit.

Ok no worries thanks guys I have the car coming in on Monday for a pre dyno check so I will see what set up it’s running.

I'll second the requirement for FC Datalogit. It's borderline impossible to get anything approaching a decent level of tune with the hand controller. The actual tuning process is quite straightforward though and if you're competent in general with tuning you should be able to pick up the PFC in no time.